Front Garden behind our self catering Wales farmhouse - Dog Friendly Cottage in Wales

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Front Garden behind our self catering Wales farmhouse

Farm Grounds

Front Garden

Brecon beacons cottages craig y nos farm in South Wales house from front garden lawn

The front garden at Craig y Nos Farmhouse is actually at the back as in the old days, the main entrance and hall was the other side of the house.

Access to the front garden is either by the original front door, which leads from the hall, or via the stone steps around the side of the house (shown on right).

There is a high wire 'slide' for children to use. Most of the farm gardens are laid down to rough grass for ease of maintenance.


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“Best holiday for a while”  4 of 5 stars

Well, where to start? Please read to the end of this review, because I don't want the beginning to put you off! If you are looking for a modern, squeaky clean holiday home in the middle of a lively resort - don't come here. If you want all mod cons and don't want to live like a country bumpkin - don't come here. The farmhouse was very clean when we arrived and we all had a 'wow!' moment when we saw the huge bedrooms (especially the four poster master with the gorgeous ensuite!) and the wonderful grounds with our own stream for a week (much loved by our very excited pup who was in his element all week).

I'm not going to say I didn't have any concerns because I did to start with. We couldn't get the TV to work, the heating was playing up, I couldn't figure out the oven or the dishwasher and the water does have a habit of switching off so you have to go outside to the boiler room to switch it back on again. The water also had a weird 'eggy' odour to it which put us off drinking it. However - and this is a big HOWEVER so I hope you are still with me at this point - we weren't surprised giving the age of the property that there were some issues like this and not one but two maintenance men (and one lovely lady) came out and sorted out the tv and heating for us. They explained the eggy smell (due to the natural source of the water) and took on board my comment that perhaps a folder of useful info (such as how to use the cooker and dishwasher!) would be useful. These points are the only reason I haven't given five stars - if I could give 4.5 stars I would.

My family and I had the most wonderful holiday - certainly the best we've had in a long time. The farmhouse is just gorgeous, lovely and warm and decorated with some beautiful furniture. The house has a character all of its own, with gorgeous beams, a fantastic old stair case and lots of creaking floorboards! It is truly full of character and we all loved it. To be able to open the door first thing in the morning and take a long walk through peaceful farmland, seeing all the wildlife was fabulous and a real stress reliever. As I said at the start - if you want modern, pristine state of the art accommodation, this isn't it. If, however, you want an authentic, character filled peaceful luxurious (because despite its age, you can't deny the luxury - four poster bed and roll top bath folks!) holiday home that your family and dog will love - this is for you. Thank you for a fabulous holiday.

Stayed April 2015, travelled with family

The water switching off issue was caused by the CPU which adjusts the water pressure that is feeding the farmhouse so any fluctuations in pressure from the borehole pumps do not strain the farm's plumbing. You can set your chosen water pressure so the pressure into the farmhouse is regulated. The first CPU was not able to maintain a consistent flow of water and used to 'trip out' so needed regularly re-booting and we had to tell guests where to switch it on again. The old CPU has since been replaced and the new one does not trip out often. It can still trip out very occasionally but does not bother anyone now.

The 'eggy'  smell is infrequent. It is caused when sulphur reacts with the iron in the water and is something that occurs naturally with water taken out of the ground via a borehole. While it is naturally occuring and quite harmless no one wants eggy water, so there are filters to prevent the smell occuring. These need changing from time to time and were obviously due a change at the time of this guest's stay. There are in fact three filters for the farm borehole water. One is a carbon filter which takes away the sulphur smell and then there is the normal solids filter. The third filter is an ultra violet filter to ensure water purity. Our plumber has since re-designed the system so as the water comes in from the borehole into the main holding tank the water flows 'at an angle' - apparently this is a design which reduces the amount of sulphur and so the carbon filter won't need changing as often. If there ever is an eggy smell, it means the filters need changing - please let us know - however it is quite 'natural' with bore hole water from deep underground and is harmless.

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